Our Approach and Philosophy

We are experienced professionals with a defined investment discipline. Our clients work directly with the Rich Investment owners and decision-makers creating a very personal approach to portfolio management.

APPROACH: Multi-Manager, Multi-Strategy Asset Allocation

The cornerstones to our approach are asset allocation and diligent research. We believe in combining passive management with active strategies. Passive strategies offer the opportunity to deliver exposure to the capital markets at a low cost.  Active strategies offer the potential to tap into flexible and unconstrained investment managers and perhaps achieve higher returns beyond what one might experience with a passive representation of the markets.  We use extensive qualitative and quantitative research in an attempt to identify state-of-the-art asset allocation ideas and talented active managers.  We then contruct diversified portfolios specifically geared towards each individual investor’s goals.

PHILOSOPHY: Patience, Discipline, and Diversification

Rich Investments, Inc. believes that investing rewards those who have the discipline to stick with their long-term strategy and the fortitude to maintain their long-term perspective during challenging times. Market Risk and Return go hand in hand and cannot be separated. One risks significant loss or volatility by taking on too much risk in their portfolio.  Conversely, one risks falling short of capital goals by taking too little risk.  So learning to manage risk is absolutely critical in investing for the long-term.  There are several beliefs that we have, which serve as the basis for portfolio construction for our clients.

1. Make an investment decision with a long-term perspective. Don’t reach for unrealistic returns or second guess your strategy based on near term volatility or disappointment.

2. Balance your portfolio. In other words, find an allocation to stocks, bonds, and diversifying strategies that you can live with in both up and down markets.

3. Diversify with a global perspective. Openness to a globally diverse set of investments can produce opportunities and better manage risk.

4. Incorporate passive asset allocation and skillful active managers.  Finding the right combination could generate smoother returns over the long-term.

5. Invest.  We mean two things by this. First, investors must be invested in order to participate in the market.  Secondly, investors should continuously add new money and put the power of compounding to work for themselves.

So in spite of the news or short-term direction of the markets, focus your investment decisions on strategy and let the long-term results take of themselves.


We invest our money in the same portfolios utilized by our clients. We “Eat our own cooking!”


Client accounts are held by an independent custodian, typically Charles Schwab & Co. This means the client has access to all funds at all times. Rich Investments does not custody assets.